Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kurds Returning to Fight IS Strongholds in Syria; Pentagon Expects IS Defeat in Syria by 6 Months

U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters are returning to the front lines of the fight against the Islamic State (IS) terror group in eastern Syria, now that Turkey's aggression against the Kurds along its border in the west has eased, the Washington Examiner website reports today (April 25, 2018).

IS controls two areas in Syria east of the Euphrates River. One is in the town of Hajin, which is along the river, while the other is near Dashisha, near the Syria-Iraq border.

The Turkish offensive aimed at driving the Kurds in northwest Syria away from its border pulled many Kurds away from the IS fight to defend their home areas during the past two months.

U.S. military officials have given no timeline for the final defeat of IS, but Pentagon sources say they believe within six months IS will no longer hold any ground, although many IS fighters will still remain in Syria.

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