Saturday, April 28, 2018

Christians Slam School's Yoga Mindfulness Class; Say Class Invites Spirits That Don't Relate to God

A Maryland elementary school's attempt to provide its students with means to curtail stress by initiating a daily yoga-based program has evoked an outcry by some residents on religious grounds, the USA Today website reports today (April 28, 2018).

Buckingham Elementary School in Berlin, Maryland announced in early March the addition of a daily "Mindfulness Moment," a video program to help its students calm themselves both physically and mentally.

Each morning, according to the school, "students participate in a mini 6-10 minute mindfulness and yoga session to help them positively start off their day."

Linda Hostelley wrote on the school's Facebook page: "There are spirits invited in by focusing on things not of God... there is an unholy Spirit behind it. If this is allowed in school, then Jesus must be allowed to be enjoyed in school also."

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