Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Israel Cancels Its Plan to Deport Black Refugees; Plan Was Rejected by High Court, Seen as Racist

Israel announced today (April 24, 2018) that it will not be deporting asylum seekers to third-party countries as previously planned, due to decisions regarding deportation by the High Court, according to the Jerusalem Post website.

The plan to deport thousands of black refugees to a third nation against their will -- which many people viewed as racism by Israel -- had been in the works for several months, but Israel will no longer be deporting them to a country against their will.

Several members of the Israeli Knesset praised today's decision. For example, Knesset member Itzik Shmuli said: "The incitement and threats did nothing to help, and justice has won."

He added: "The nation-state of the Jewish people simply cannot send refugees to an unknown fate."

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