Monday, March 20, 2017

Hungary Opens a Military Base Along Its Border; Designed to Stop Migrants from Entering Nation

Hungary opened a small military base today (March 20, 2017) along its southern border for soldiers designated to stop migrants from entering the country, according to the Daily Caller website.

The complex is one of four bases built since the start of the year, and is meant to serve 150 troops stationed along Hungary's southern border.

The soldiers work with designated "border hunters" to prevent migrants -- mainly from predominantly Islamic countries in the Middle East and Asia --  from getting across the fence that has been erected along the border to Serbia.

"The defense of the border... so hundreds of thousands won't march across the country, deserves total respect," Hungarian Defense Minister Istvan Simicsko said at the opening of the base. "Our most important common interest is the protection of the Hungarian citizens, our family members and civilians."

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