Saturday, November 30, 2013

Study:Belief in God Helps Those with Depression; Respond to Treatment Twice as Much as Atheists

Belief in God tends to improve treatment for those suffering with depression, a recent study has found, the Daily Mail (British) website reports today (November 30, 2013).

Faith in a higher being was found to significantly improve treatment for people suffering with a psychiatric illness, according to research carried out by McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Researchers followed 159 patients over the course of a year at the Behavioral Health Partial Hospital program to investigate the relationship between a patient's level of belief in God, expectations for treatment, and actual treatment outcomes.

Each participant was asked to gauge their belief in God as well as their expectations for treatment outcome on a five-point scale. Researchers found that patients with "no" or only "slight" belief in God were twice as likely not to respond to treatment than patients with higher levels of belief.

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