Saturday, November 16, 2013

N. Nigeria Leads the World in Killing Christians; Killed 1,200 Last Year, More Than Rest of World

The head of a human rights organization has determined that more Christians were killed in Northern Nigeria in 2012 than in the rest of the world combined, the Christian Post website reports today (November 16, 2013).

Ann Buwalda -- executive director of the Jubilee Campaign -- said that an estimated 1,200 Christians were killed for their faith in Northern Nigeria. That's about 60 percent of the world's Christians who were killed for their faith last year.

Buwalda added that the persecution watchdog group Open Doors agrees "with our statistics of more Christians being killed in Northern Nigeria than in the rest of the world combined."

The number, she noted, is based largely on published accounts and sources, making it a conservative estimate.

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