Monday, November 4, 2013

Maria Now Living with Foster Family in Bulgaria; DNA Tests in Greece Found Parents in Bulgaria

Maria -- the little blonde girl found in October in a Roma camp in central Greece whose birth parents are from a Bulgarian Roma village -- is now being cared for by a foster family in Bulgaria, according to the Greek Reporter website.

The international mystery about Maria, 4, ended when the DNA tests showed that a couple from Bulgaria are in fact her biological parents. Her mother, Saska Ruseva, said she wanted her child back, although that seems highly unlikely.

The Agency for Social Assistance announced that it will also take action to care for the other underage children of the Bulgarian couple. The agency also said that her parents and their nine children have been living in poverty in a one-room mud brick house in the village of Nikolaevo, in central Bulgaria.

The children will be temporarily placed in the families of relatives and foster care. Social workers will support the contact between the children and their parents on a daily basis.

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