Saturday, June 15, 2013

Neb. Christian College Expels a Lesbian Student; Ends Her Scholarship, Demands She Pay Tuition

Danielle Powell was just months away from her college graduation when she fell in love with a woman student, but same-sex relationships are forbidden at Grace University -- a Christian college in Omaha, Nebraska -- the ABC News website reports today (June 15, 2013).

The school suspended Powell, took away her scholarship, and then expelled her for her continued relationship with the female student, according to a petition posted online by Powell's now-wife. Powell was one semester short of graduating.

Now, Powell and her wife, Michelle Rogers, have started a petition asking for signatures and letters to be written to the university forgiving Powell's tuition debt and protesting alleged discrimination. Powell is black.

According to the petition, Powell received scholarships to fund her tuition at Grace, and the school has demanded that she repay $6,300 of tuition fees that her scholarship would have covered, had she not been expelled.

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