Saturday, June 15, 2013

Attack on Women Scholars in Pakistan Kills 22; Killers Slam Students,Teachers of Female Univ.

An extraordinary attack on women university students and teachers today (June 15, 2013) left 22 people dead and scores wounded. An explosion set off a fire on a bus, which trapped many of the young women, according to the Big News Network website.

Pakistani police blamed the attack on insurgents. Many Islamic insurgents are opposed to women being educated, because they believe that educating women is a violation of traditional Islam.

The attack began when a bomb exploded on a bus carrying the university personnel. It had stopped on the grounds of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University. Eleven students and teachers were killed, while 20 more were wounded.

As the wounded were arriving at the emergency room at a nearby hospital, the insurgents attacked and seized the hospital, Bolan medical complex. Hundreds of doctors, nurses, and patients were held hostage leading to a prolonged gun fight between the insurgents and security police.

The siege ended with two of the militants blowing themselves up after two others were killed in the shootout. The deputy commissioner of Quetta, three security police members, and three nurses were also killed. Quetta is renowned as a city plagued by insurgent unrest.

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