Saturday, June 22, 2013

Christian School Separates Boys, Girls in Sports; Won't Let Girl, 12, Play on Boys' Football Team

A private Christian school in Georgia is maintaining its policy regarding gender and sports in spite of the objections of one female student, who wishes to continue playing on the school's boys' football team, the Christian Post website reports today (June 22, 2013).

Maddy Blythe, a 12-year-old female student at Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove, Georgia, is decrying the school's policy regarding gender and sports, as she has played on the boys' football team for the past year and wishes to keep playing.

The school, however, has responded by saying its policy dictates that middle school students play on their respective gender's team, and therefore Blythe will no longer be able to play on the boys' team next season.

"Our official policy is that middle school girls play girl sports and middle school boys play boy sports," Phil Roberts, athletic director at the private Christian school, said in an emailed statement to the local news media.

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