Wednesday, June 15, 2011

COMMENTARY: Praying Online Does Not Compare to Praying in Church

A company in Romania has implemented a new Internet idea for a fee; namely, to allow believers to submit their prayers online to priests who will read the prayers out during church services.

The online fee for this service ranges from $1.44 per day to $34.00 per month.

Although some Romanian Orthodox Christians are excited about being able to pray online -- instead of attending church services -- the Romanian Church is not so impressed, and has warned that this practice could lead to laziness.

But there is something more serious than laziness involved in praying online, instead of in a church. It is a lack of respect for God, by failing to attend church services, and attempting to fulfill this church attendance commitment via the Internet at home.

In other words, a person who prefers to complete his Sunday prayers online -- rather than attend church services -- does not want to take the time and effort of getting ready and driving to church, in order to attend services for an hour or so.

Indeed, online praying conveys a selfishness on the part of man -- a selfishness in which man prefers to be more involved with his own personal preferences on a Sunday morning than he is with thanking God for everything He has given us.

This is a sad attitude -- one of selfishness and indifference -- that pervades the Christian Church by man today. Nonetheless, while man has been showing much neglect toward the Christian Church in recent years, man will never destroy the Body of Christ.

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  1. I think online prayers are a good alternative for people who are homebound. They can be an additional way for people to pray. (meaning people who go to church can also pray online) However, I don't think a church should charge MONEY for people to pray. God hears all our prayers wherever we may be!