Wednesday, June 1, 2011

COMMENTARY: Muslim Woman Should Not Have Been Stoned to Death for Entering Beauty Contest

A 19-year-old Ukrainian Muslim woman was stoned to death by three Muslim young men last week. Why? Because she entered a beauty contest in Ukraine.

That's right -- killed just for entering a beauty contest! The three Muslim youths believe they were justified in killing her, because Sharia (Islamic) Law states that a woman who commits adultery can be stoned to death. But this was not adultery.

Nonetheless, the Muslim youths perceived her participation in the beauty contest as being similar to committing adultery. They felt that her appearance at the beauty contest in a bathing suit was in violation of Islamic tradition of women's bodies being covered in public from head to toe.

The sad fact is that Katya Koren's body was found by police in the Crimea region of Ukraine where she lived. Police have arrested one Muslim youth for her murder, who admitted he stoned her to death -- and said he was justified in doing so -- because she took part in the beauty contest. Police are still searching for two other suspects.

To stone a woman to death for having committed adultery is itself a barbaric penalty to pay for a sin. To stone a woman to death for entering a beauty contest is totally unjustified and should never have even been considered as a punishment. In fact, Katya Koren should not have been punished at all.

In Christianity, Jesus opposed the stoning of a woman to death for having committed adultery. Jesus' opposition is described in the Bible when He was asked by several men if they should stone a woman to death for having committed adultery. Jesus answered, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." --John 8:7

Upon hearing Jesus' words, all of the men -- realizing that every one of them had committed sins -- walked away without casting a single stone...

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