Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mental Health Worker in London Is Fired; Passed Booklet on Abortion Risks to Colleagues

The Telegraph (British) website reports today (June 11, 2011) that a Christian mental health worker in London has been fired for passing colleagues a booklet last November, warning of physical and psychological damage some women suffer after an abortion.

Margaret Forrester -- a psychological well-being practitioner at Central North West London Mental Health Trust -- discussed the booklet with family planning staff at the health center because she felt that the NHS (national health service) was failing to give patients information about the risks and other options to terminating a pregnancy.

But after a six-month disciplinary process, Forrester was found guilty of "gross professional misconduct" and fired.

Forrester, 40, was worried that women seeking medical advice for a "crisis pregnancy" were routinely offered abortions without consideration of other options, and with no discussion of the risks.

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