Thursday, February 27, 2020

Pope Urges Cath. to Go to Confession during Lent; Asserts That Only Jesus Is Able to Heal Our Heart

Pope Francis yesterday (Ash Wednesday) called on Catholics to go to confession during Lent to experience God's healing love, the CNA (Catholic News Agency) website reports today (February 27, 2020).

"Only Jesus, who knows and loves our heart, can heal it. Lent is a time of healing," Francis said in the Basilica of Santa Sabina.

Before going to confession, the pope recommended people should stand in front of the crucifix and contemplate Christ on the cross.

While looking at the crucifix, the pope said one can repeat the following prayer: "Jesus, you love me, transform me." After welcoming God's love and crying in front of the cross, receive God's forgiveness in confession, he said.

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