Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bombing at Cairo, Egypt Chapel Kills 25 at Mass; Another 49 Wounded at Coptic Orthodox Church

A bombing today (December 11, 2016) at a chapel adjacent to Egypt's main Coptic Christian cathedral killed 25 people and wounded another 49 during Sunday Mass, according to the Catholic News website.

Egypt's official MENA news agency said an assailant lobbed a bomb into a chapel adjacent to St. Mark's Cathedral, seat of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church and home to the office of its spiritual leader, Pope Tawadros II, who cut short a visit to Greece to return to Cairo after the blast.

Witnesses said the explosion may have been caused by an explosive device planted inside the chapel. A senior Church leader, Bishop Moussa, said at the cathedral that there were reports that a woman posing as a worshiper left a bag in the chapel's women's section before slipping out.

The blast took place as a Sunday Mass in the chapel was about to end and coincided with a national holiday in Egypt marking the birth of Islam's Prophet Muhammad. Most of the victims are believed to be women and children.

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