Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pope Opposed to Expulsion of Romas in France; "Jesus Pulled Together Men from Every Nation"

The Earth Times website reports today (August 22, 2010) that Pope Benedict XVI -- in an obvious reference to the ongoing controversy over the expulsion of Roma migrants in France -- reminded Catholics that they have a duty to welcome people of all origins.

Addressing a group of French pilgrims in French today, the pope said the scriptures were "an invitation to know how to accept legitimate differences among humans, just like Jesus came to pull together men from every nation and speaking every language."

His comments were seen as addressing a decision by the French government of President Nicolas Sarkozy to expel hundreds of Roma migrants.

Sarkozy's decision to dismantle illegal Gypsy camps and send Romas back to Romania has been widely criticized by human rights associations, trade unions, and opposition politicians in France.

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