Wednesday, August 18, 2010

COMMENTARY: It Is Time for Pakistan's Government to Punish Muslim Rapists

A serious problem exists in Pakistan, and one that the Pakistani government must resolve quickly. This problem is the new trend of rapes by Pakistani Muslims of Christian young girls.

Sexual assault against Christian girls by Muslim extremists has recently become a common occurrence in Pakistan, and is rarely reported.

Several rapes against Christian girls occurred in Pakistan during the past month -- one occurred against a 12-year-old girl by a gang of Islamic school students, and another against a 16-year-old girl by a Muslim landowner.

Apparently, many Muslims in Pakistan believe that it is "all right" to rape girls if they are Christians, but not if they are Muslims. Therein lies a double standard of Pakistani justice.

In a third incident, eight boys raped a young girl late last month. The girl's parents went to the police station to register a complaint, but the officer in charge refused to register it.

When a Christian organization asked police why they refused to register this complaint, one officer admitted that police are under a great amount of pressure from Muslim leaders and extremists to refrain from filling out a First Information Report (FIR) on the crime.

This "Muslim leaders and extremist pressure" tactic needs to be put to rest -- and fast.

It is time for the Pakistani government to take severe punitive action against these Muslim rapists -- the same action that the Pakistani government takes when the rape victims are Muslim girls.

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