Tuesday, March 8, 2016

US Catholics Take Public Stand to Shun Trump; Say He Is "Manifestly Unfit to Be US President"

A group of conservative U.S. Catholics is appealing to their fellow believers to stop Donald Trump from becoming Republican presidential nominee, writing in an essay that he is "manifestly unfit to be president of the United States," the Catholic News website reports today (March 8, 2016).

The essay -- published in "The National Review" -- is titled "An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics" and has been signed by about three dozen lay Catholics, many of whom are active in conservative academic and nonprofit circles.

Together, they urge Catholics "to reject [Mr. Trump's] candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination by supporting a genuinely reformist candidate." (The group does not endorse any candidate for president.)

The piece -- published yesterday -- says that the Republican Party has been in recent years, a vehicle for "promoting causes at the center of Catholic social concern in the United States," highlighting the GOP's opposition to abortion, advocacy for religious freedom protections, stance against same-sex marriage, and belief in "limited government."

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