Monday, March 21, 2016

Freedom Leader of Poland Was a Spy for Russia; New Documents Reveal Lech Walesa Led 2 Lives

Presumed anti-communist Polish leader Lech Walesa actually served as a spy working for the murderous regime in Moscow and its secret-police puppets in Poland, according to recently released official documents from the 1970s, The New American website reports today (March 21, 2016).

The revelations last month sparked an instant uproar across Poland, with even top government officials saying that the news casts a shadow over Polish history and independence.

Walesa -- the "hero" and self-styled founder of Poland's Solidarity labor union -- is best known for his supposed role in liberating Poland from Soviet-backed communist tyranny.

Now, with the release of never before seen documents seized by investigators, Walesa's credibility appears to be in tatters with broad swaths of the public. According to the recently released papers, Walesa was a spy for Russia -- his code name was Bolek -- who betrayed his countrymen and collaborated with the communist Polish regime's ruthless "security" apparatus.

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