Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dutch Protest against a Refugee Center in Heesch; Call for Locking Male Muslims to Protect Women

Heesch is the latest Dutch town to suffer anti-immigrant protests after police made three arrests last night, as a demonstration forced councilors to abandon a public meeting over plans for the town to host 500 refugees over the next 10 years, the Euro News website reports today (January 19, 2016).

The Dutch took over 50,000 refugees in 2015, but many in this town of 13,000 people want none.

"When they can't get rid of this mess in The Hague they just dump it in the village here. But we don't want them either, so they can keep them there, but not in our farmers' village, not in my backyard. If they'll rape my daughter, there won't be 500 cops here to protect her," said one man.

The riot came only hours after the far-right's Geert Wilders called for Islamic male refugees to be kept locked up in asylum centers, saying such a move was needed to protect Dutch women after the hundreds of  New Year's Eve sexual assaults by Muslim men on women in Cologne, Germany.

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