Tuesday, April 7, 2015

UK PM Cameron Praises Nation's Christian Roots; Urges Britons Rebuff World Christian Persecution

British Prime Minister David Cameron has encouraged Britons to take pride in the United Kingdom's (UK) Christian roots and to use the Easter season as a time to remember the persecution of Christians around the world, the Gospel Herald website reports today (April 7, 2015).

In delivering his annual Easter message on April 5, Cameron said, "Across Britain, Christians don't just talk about 'loving thy neighbor,' they live it out... in faith schools, in prisons, in community groups."

The prime minister explained that while Britain is a nation that welcomes and accepts all faiths, it is nevertheless a predominantly Christian country, and thus has a responsibility to speak out about the persecution of Christians worldwide.

"It is truly shocking to know that in 2015 there are still Christians being threatened, tortured, even killed, because of their faith from Egypt to Nigeria, Libya to North Korea," Cameron said.

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