Friday, November 7, 2014

Pope: Some Christians Are Christians in Name; Money, Vanity, Pride Depict "Pagan Christians"

Not all those who claim to be Christians really are, said Pope Francis today (November 7, 2014). Some are Christians "in name only," he said. "They bear the name of Christians but live a life of pagans," the Breitbart website reports in quoting the Pope.

In his homily at Mass today, the Pope said that there have always been two types of Christians -- those who truly followed Christ and those who only pretended to follow Him.

At the time of St. Paul, there were "worldly Christians, Christians in name only, with two or three Christian features, but nothing more." The Pope called this sort of people "Pagan Christians," whom St. Paul called "enemies of the cross of Christ."

"If you love money and are attached to it, if you love vanity and pride, you are headed down a bad road," the Pope said. If, instead, he continued, "you try to love God and serve others, if you are gentle, if you are humble, if you are the servant of others, you are on the right path. Your citizenship is in heaven."

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