Saturday, August 17, 2013

Switzerland Opens 9 "Sex Boxes" for Prostitution; Unique Structures Built for Safety of Prostitutes

Switzerland -- a country where prostitution has been legal since 1992 -- will officially open nine garage-style structures in Zurich on August 26, in which men can have sex with prostitutes, the Telegraph (British) website reports today (August 17, 2013).

The drive-in "sex boxes" -- as they are being called -- are part of a drive by authorities in Zurich to regulate prostitution, combat pimping, and improve the safety of prostitutes.

Men will drive their cars on a clearly marked route along which up to 40 prostitutes will be stationed. Once a man has chosen one of the women and negotiated a fee for her services, he will drive into one of the wooden sheds. Each shed contains a safety alarm that a woman can use if she is in danger.

The site is only open to drivers of cars -- pedestrians and men on motorbikes are not allowed -- and will operate from early evening until 5 a.m. each day. The project -- which cost some 1.4 million Swiss francs to build -- was approved by the voters in Zurich last year in a referendum.

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