Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Albanian-Run Racketeering Gang Nabbed in US; Used Firms in Philly to Conduct Illegal Gambling

Nine members of an Albanian-run gang -- allegedly involved in loan-sharking and illegal gambling -- were arrested on August 23, and are expected to appear this week before a court in Philadelphia, the Balkan Insight website reports today (August 27, 2013).

The indictment was unsealed last week during a preliminary hearing and the process is expected to continue in Philadelphia on August 28.

"The principal objectives of the enterprise included generating money for the enterprise, and enriching its members and associates through, among other things, loan sharking, extortion, illegal gambling, and the collection of unlawful debts," the indictment says.

The indictment says the defendants and their associates used various businesses located in Philadelphia to conduct loan-sharking activities and illegal gambling. Seven of the defendants are Albanian, while two are American.

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