Friday, July 14, 2017

Family of CRI Founder Asks CRI Pres. to Resign; "Bible Answer Man" Turned to Greek Orthodoxy

Family members of Dr. Walter Martin -- founder of the Christian Research Institute (CRI) -- are calling on current CRI president Hank Hanegraaff to step down, due to his conversion from evangelicalism to the Greek Orthodox faith, the Christian Post website reports today (July 14, 2017).

A majority of family members have signed a statement asking the "Bible Answer Man" to leave his leadership post.

Jill Martin Rische -- the eldest daughter of Dr. Martin -- said she and many other evangelical Christians were "shocked and surprised" when Hanegraaff formally converted in a Greek Orthodox Church in April. At that time, Hanegraaff said attending a Greek Orthodox Church service made him feel like he was in heaven.

Rische argued that Hanegraaff has since been teaching a blend of Eastern Orthodoxy and evangelical Christianity on the "Bible Answer Man" show, which she called "fundamentally dishonest."

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