Thursday, April 11, 2013

France's Chief Rabbi Resigns Due to Two Scandals; Gilles Bernheim Used Plagiarism, Lied on Resume

Faced with heavy pressure from France's Jewish community to resign, French Chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim announced today (April 11, 2013) that he was stepping down from his post amid two scandals, according to the Times of Israel website.

Bernheim, 60, announced his decision during an emergency meeting with the Consistoire, the Jewish religious service body that employs him.

Amid revelations that he committed plagiarism in books he wrote and used unearned academic titles on his resume, Bernheim had acknowledged on April 9 of making "serious mistakes."

Pending new elections, Paris Chief Rabbi Michel Guggenheim and rabbinic educator Olivier Kaufmann will jointly hold the chief rabbi post for an interim period, the French newspaper Le Figaro reported.

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